I’m Alan from New Jersey and I’m a fitness freak. My childhood days were filled with food and fun and I never realized the value of being healthy until I entered my teens. That was the time I suddenly woke up to see all my friends slim, trim and healthy and I was the only odd man out completely out of shape.

This made me hit the gym doors at once with a dietician to be behind me all the time with her diet chart. Initially I found this strict regime very unfitting and tedious but once I was able to see a different me in front of the mirror, I started appreciating the efforts and support of both the fitness center and my dietician. Realizing and understanding this is, in my opinion, the ultimate realization for a happy and an extended lifetime.

It gave me self-confidence to walk with pride amongst my pals and in fact I became a role model for many of my college mates. Does that not sound cool? It is very important for everybody to keep an eye on what they eat and exercise is a must for a fit body. Through this website, I will be giving you information on how to get in shape and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be going through everything that I’ve learnt every since I decided to change my life.