Apparently Your Kitchen Counter Can Predict Your Weight

Make sure to have plenty of fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter.We belong to a time where obesity is at an all time high. But slowly, this seems to be changing. Every one seems to be realizing that there’s no advantage in eating bad foods all day. If you do this in moderation, you should be okay but a lot of families bring too much junk food into the house. And a new study states that apparently you can tell how much your weight is based on the items placed on the countertop of your kitchen. After researching and looking at lots of different kitchens in New York City, there was a strong link between bodyweight and what was placed on the kitchen counter.

To be honest, after reading the study, it all felt like common sense. It was stated that people who kept fresh fruits and vegetables out in the open on the counters had weighed normal. In comparison, those who kept cereals and other sugary items like soda and sweets were heavier. As an example, it was stated that people who kept soft drinks were up to 25 pounds heavier than those who kept their counters clear. And those who kept cereals were around 20 pounds heavier.

The conclusions are clear and the solution to the problem is also clear. Obviously, if you keep sugary and fatty foods out in the open or even stashed away, you’re bound to get bored or hungry at some point. You’ll eventually end up taking these snacks out and eat them for the sake of eating. But say, you decided to fill up your counter with fruits, you’ll want to eat these instead. As a result of this, what should you do to eat healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle? The first and main task you have is to stop bringing any junk food into the house. Next time you visit the supermarket, make sure that you grab plenty of fruits and vegetables but none of the processed junk that can seriously harm your appearance and the health of your body.